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LIVING ALCHEMY Turmeric Alive (60 caps)
LIVING ALCHEMY Turmeric Alive (60 caps)

LIVING ALCHEMY Turmeric Alive (60 caps)

Living Alchemy
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LIVING ALCHEMY - Turmeric Alive - 60 Capsule(s) - NPN:80070665 --

  • Promotes Joint Health and Mobility
  • Supports a Healthy Inflammatory Response
  • Full Spectrum of Active Curcumins from Whole Turmeric
  • Provides Superior Absorption of All Curcumins

Turmeric is much more than just curcumin. In its whole form, turmeric provides many nutrients our bodies can use to help nourish and balance itself particularly when it comes to inflammation and oxidation. When we long ferment organic turmeric using our diverse strain Kefir-kombucha culture, the synergistic nutrients transform into something even more powerful.

One type of compound created through our fermentation is tetrahydro-curcumin, which we call “white gold.” More tetrahydro-curcumin is found in our fermented turmeric compared to non-fermented turmeric. This highly active compound has been shown to have complementary actions to other curcumins within whole turmeric especially for anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant action.

Our unique fermentation creates a bio-available form of activated whole turmeric that becomes more water soluble and more nutrient dense. No black pepper. No nano particles. Its fermented whole food after all – nothing needs to be added. Only in its natural, whole, fermented state can Turmeric provide the fully activated synergy of nature.

  • Traditional Long Fermentation of Organic Whole Herbs
  • Unique Kefir-Kombucha Fermentation
  • A Complete Profile of Fermentation Activated Nutrients
  • Certified USDA Organic
  • Vegan, Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free
  • No Fillers, Additives or Excipients


Symbio® Fermented, Organic Turmeric … 133.3 mg (Curcuma longa, rhizome)
Therapeutic Herb Blend
Organic Ginger … 133.3 mg (Zingiber officinale, root)
Organic Turmeric … 133.3 mg (Curcuma longa, rhizome)

Non-medicinal Ingredients
Organic pullulan capsule (Organic pullulan starch, water)

DIRECTIONS : Adults: Take 1-3 capsules daily with or without food