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METAVO Naturally Dried Avocado (172 gr)

METAVO Naturally Dried Avocado (172 gr)

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  • Supports general health & wellness
  • Helps lower blood sugar
  • Weight & metabolism management
  • Metavo is made with high quality freeze dried avocado
  • Description

    METAVO - Naturally Dried Avocado - 172 Gram(s) - NPN: 00000000 -- Metavo is an avocado-based dietary supplement that rebalances your metabolism. Metavo is the only dietary supplement on the market with AvoB, a powerful bioactive found only in avocados that targets the underlying cause of dysfunctional metabolism. Metavo also works to maintain normal blood sugar levels. With more than 8 years of scientific research behind this product, we worked closely with the scientist who discovered AvoB to ensure that we have a standardized dose of the bioactive, that it will be absorbed in the body and will work to make your metabolism function optimally. Metavo is made with high quality freeze dried avocado which packs in all of the superfood qualities of avocado including antioxidants, vitamin E and fiber!

    INGREDIENTS5g avocado100mcg Chromium